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C & T Landscape works hard to ensure your complete satisfaction. Attention to detail and excellent customer service are a part of our standard signature service.

Our company has expanded over the past 18 years from a small maintenance company to a mid-size full service landscape company which allows us to tailor all of our services to meet your needs.




Landscaping Frequently Asked Questions:

  Q.   What sets you apart from other landscaping businesses? 

  A.   We believe experience, customer service, quality, and integrity are essential qualities to look for when selecting a landscape company. These qualities set us apart from the competition. C&T Landscape Maintenance and Installation has been in business since 1992, making us one of the most qualified companies to get the job done right.

   What should a customer look for in a good landscaper?

 Someone who listens and understands the customer's needs, wants, and objectives. It’s also very important to be able to distinguish between what a customer wants and what they really need, in order to keep the job cost effective. Sometimes  we can offer solutions to achieve the same goal for less money, but at a greater value. You also want a landscaper who has the experience and keen eye for detail and provides ideas that the homeowner wouldn't otherwise be able to visualize.

   What are some red flags customers should be aware of in a bad landscaper? 

 We have really seen a shift in this economy with all the lost jobs. People who used to be in the different industries are now running landscape businesses. Make sure they put the estimate in writing and are licensed and bonded. You can visit:

http://www.oregonlcb.com/contractorsearch/contractorsearch.aspx  and conduct a license search.

If the price is too good to be true, then they probably aren't licensed or bonded and they probably don't know much about landscaping. Beware of landscapers that don't give you a full contract outlining the work, and be sure not to pay for the whole project upfront.

Q.  What should a customer expect from an estimate?

A.   We will come out to see your land, hear your wants, needs, and ideas, and take measurements. We will discuss different options available to you, and if you’re working with a budget, we’ll do the best we can to work with your financial constraints. It’s best to ask as many questions as possible in the beginning to be sure that your vision becomes the same as ours, and all your expectations are fulfilled. It’s also important to read over the contract before you sign it to be sure that everything you want is included. While changes can be made to the contract later, it may end up costing you more money or extending the date of completion.

  Does your company specialize in any kind of landscaping “style?”

A.  One of our customers said that we have sort of an “evergreens and curves” style. We do love evergreens, because when you have four seasons like we do in the Northwest, you want something that will retain its color during every season. We also specialize in colorful perennials, maples, and annuals for color spots. Using different varieties of plants and trees ensures that you’ll have a lush and full garden all year round with many different colors and textures.

  What size company should I look for?

A.  The size of the company doesn’t matter as much as the services they offer and the prices they ask. In general, the larger companies get enough business that they may not need to keep their prices competitive, and the smallest companies often don’t use contracts, and usually don’t own their own equipment. They may not be able to handle a larger project, or if they can, they may pass equipment rental costs on to the consumer.

Q. Why should I hire a professional landscaper?

A. Many people can install or maintain their own lawn and garden, but don’t have the time, or don’t have the knowledge to ensure that everything is installed and maintained correctly. There are so many factors to remember when designing and planting. It’s important to consider soil quality, drainage, color coordination, flow, design, seasonal changes, disease prevention, proper irrigation coverage, and many more things that could extend or shorten the life of your greenery.

As far as maintenance goes, most people can mow, edge, and weed their lawns and gardens adequately, but it’s very time-consuming, and many jobs are time-sensitive. If you don’t weed regularly, they can overgrow everything else. If you don’t rake your leaves on time, your lawn can start to rot and doe. If you neglect to  mow your lawn weekly during the growing season, it can start to overgrow itself, causing the roots to die. Pruning is another important task that is often overlooked or done improperly. Different plants and trees should be pruned at different times of the year. Some plants should be pruned almost down to the ground, while some require only light shearing.

C&T Landscape offers very affordable maintenance plans to ensure that your lawn and garden look magnificent all year-round.


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